Our Advantages

1 Experience
Dr. Z is an international travel veteran who has led groups to Italy, France, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

2 Guidance
All trips are led by Dr. Z himself and he will be with your group at all times, from when you leave the United States until you return.

3 Small Groups
Group sizes average between 20-25 travelers, often less than half the number found with large tour companies.

4 Affordability
As a small company, Dr. Z Travel does not have the overhead costs that other travel companies do, thus it can pass the savings along to you.

5 Personalized Service
Dr. Z Travel offers its clients one-on-one, personalized service. When you contact Dr. Z. Travel, your inquiry will answered by the president of the company.




Our Mission

“A World to See with Dr. Z”

Dr. Z Travel, LLC provides clients with quality, affordable travel experiences that engage both the mind and the soul.

The Best of Professionals

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