The trip to Paris was outstanding! The price was very affordable.  Dr. Z planned an itinerary that included all of the major tourist attractions.  What made this trip particularly noteworthy was that the weather was not the best, yet we were still able to do all that was planned, without problems.  Dr, Z is an excellent tour director. His knowledge of the language, culture and environment of Paris, made for an enjoyable, informative and memorable trip. He helped to create an atmosphere of family. We all got to know each other very well in those 8 days together. Even the hotel was part of that family environment. The accommodations were excellent with a friendly, attentive staff.  The hotel was ideally located within a block of the metro station. Again, Dr. Z provided a good explanation of the subway system, which allowed one to travel outside of the group for individual excursions. I would not hesitate at all to plan my next trip with Dr. Z as I know what to expect.  A great time at a great location at a great value!
-Bill Jefferson